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I just found this on my phone from 2012 lol kill me now

Angus and Julia Stone photographed by Jennifer Stenglein
Anonymous: You're so lucky, I miss Washington so much :(

This is my first time here and it’s amazing so far ugh I love it

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I just got to Seattle Washington and it’s fucking BEAUTIFUL

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Anonymous: you call yourself a skank? you just lost my follow

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Anonymous: whats your twitter?


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Anonymous: you like lana?! you just became perfect in my eyes. Whats your favorite song?

I honestly don’t care for her music that much I just think she’s a total babe. 

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Anonymous: how do you diet? do you exercise often?

No. I mean I try to diet but it’s just to fucking hard. I occasionally walk around my neighborhood which is 2 miles but that’s it. 

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Masahisa Fukase, A Game: Lips & Needles, 1983